"Like [Edwin] Dickinson, Callander is going down a number of paths simultaneously, but, after sitting in his studio for a few hours, it became very clear to me that the link between the two goes much deeper. I notice observational paintings based on his son, still-lifes, landscapes, self-portraits, and set-up scenes, as well as variously sized abstract paintings based on gradations. Although the two groups don’t appear to have anything to do with each other, and on a superficial level they don’t, they both make apparent Callander’s acute attention to color, light, and gradation. This, I think, is the deep, basic connection between Callander and Dickinson; it has nothing to do with style but much to do with painterly ambition."

From Neil Callander's Timeless Variations on Painting by John Yau. Published in Hyperallergic Weekend Nov. 2, 2019.

detail of Imagined Finn, Husky, 2021, oil on muslin on panel, 20"