• Neil Callander is a painter and Assistant Professor of Art at the University of Arkansas. Born in Louisville KY, he attended Indiana University (BFA, 2003) and then Rutgers University (MFA, 2006). Additionally, Neil was an enthusiastic resident at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture during the summer of 2005. After graduate school Neil worked as a painting assistant for the artist Jeff Koons in his New York studio.

    In 2007 Neil and family left New York to pursue a career as a professional teacher and artist. He lives and works in Fayetteville AR with his wife, son, mother-in-law and two dogs.


    "Narrative is an innate and inescapable fact in a realist painting. I pack a painting with cultural and personal references and work toward a flexible narrative. As more is added the internal relationships get denser, tighter, and more intricate. The act of viewing my paintings is an unlocking of these internal relationships. Experiencing dense paintings that slowly reveal their nature can help us contend with the pervasiveness of fast-talking, slick images. In a media-riddled world, painting is a stabilizing force."